Concierge Online Product Reviews

The Prelaunch online reviews process is different from other 3rd party review services in that the Prelaunch methodology provides beta testing, online product reviews and quantitative consumer research study in one. We work with your team to define the target market, cultivate reviewers that are your brand most enthusiastic audience. Doing so insure that the reviewers are educated on your product and the product ecosystem and therefore provide detailed, and informed reviews. Remember that reviewers might be your most enthusiastic audience but they are also know the marketplace, and have proven to provide unbiased reviews.

In addition to the product reviews, our process helps your team uncover product issues as your product enters the pre-production stage.  This has proven immensely valuable to brands as we capture reviewer input, often times in the form of photo or video, and feed that directly back to our brands so that they can address issues before the product goes into mass production.

Finally, Prelaunch reviews captures accurate quantitative data and detailed product information form the reviewers at a fraction of the price of traditional market research.   We provide you with a full demographic overview, consumer buying habits, and product feedback is not typically available thru 3rd party review programs.”


Gain Powerful Consumer Insights

Provide our partners with valuable consumer insights and unbiased and informed reviews across your retail channel

Identify Potential Product Issues

Prelaunch reviewers have found product issues from packaging, messaging, to build quality helping brands correct issues early


Targeted Retailer FAQ/Questions & Answers

Prelaunch reviews are judged to be some of the most helpful online. 

Enthusiast Product Feedback

Our program is designed to yield high initial compliance as well as high star ratings.  Prelaunch team is working with final reviewers to ensure 95%+ compliance.


Reviews Syndications

Most reviewers have posted on at least two sites or more thereby mitigating the cost to our partners and maximizing syndication of detailed, informed, positive reviews.

Unlimited Informed Reviews Increase Sales

An informed detailed review drives more sales than a that most paid advertising campaigns