Evangelist Program

Building a new cutting-edge product where success will be based on the ecosystem of products built around the device?

Prelaunch Labs can help you succeed by developing an ecosystem of evangelist developers that will seed the market, and spread the word.  Prelaunch Labs Evangelist program is designed to accelerate the growth of new product category by building commercial ecosystem of complementary goods, created by independent (third-party) developers, as a means to the end of maximizing the products market share.

Prelaunch will build and manage a team of evangelists to spread the word of about your product, inspire developers, and grow a developer community. Evangelists will be responsible for evangelism activities in their area, working as part of a national team.

Create inspiring demos, content (blog posts, tutorials, videos, articles) and examples

Deliver talks at events and meetups

Help create developer tools and libraries

Run workshops and meetups for developers

Share your experiences with the evangelist team

Monitor and provide assistance on forums and social channels

Create and nurture a local community of developers

Build relationships with developers in the wider community