Brandleap is a revolutionary new service which grows brands direct, and retail sales by adding retail fulfillment to a brands direct to consumer eCommerce experience. Retailers discovered over a decade ago that adding fulfillment choices increases eCommerce conversion rates and today every major retailer is offering buy online and pickup in store, or a form of same day delivery. Brandleap lets brands tap into the fulfillment capability of their retail partners by enabling the retail sales to commence on the brand site where it is free of competing products. The results are simply amazing; increasing direct sales by as much as 40%, growing retail sales, and increasing brand site revenue and conversion rates.

Our easy to implement SaaS service enables brands to tap into the retail channel not only taking advantage of their fulfillment but also on their channel promotions. At the same time brands control who is shown, and what prices are displayed to consumers. Think of us as a brand-controlled easy to implement Amazon where the brand controls the entire consumer experience.

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Product Launch Qualification

Prelaunch Labs Product Launch Qualification service helps brands uncover hard to identify product issues before a product enters mass production.  We base the service around each individual clients needs crafting for a products; target market, geographic area, spoken language, and cross product compatibility.

The service puts a product through an end-to-end consumer experience from unboxing through setup and daily use in volumes of up to 200 testers.  A typical product qualification takes about four weeks to complete.  During the test brands received weekly status reports documenting focused user tasks, and issues that arise.

We have helped many brands find misrepresented marketing claims, product design issues, manufacturing errors, and hardware/software/ecosystem issues that if not found prior to production would have cost the clients; increased support costs, retail returns, low consumer reviews, even a failed product. Contact us to learn more.

Evangelist Marketing

Prelaunch Labs works with brands that are breaking out of their traditional market where they may not have the brand equity or following that they traditionally do.  To help grow brand equity in the new product vertical we have crafted an evangelist program for clients to help build a following.  We assemble and manage a team of evangelists to spread the word about your product, inspire developers, and grow a community.

Evangelists are responsible for activities in their geographic area, working as part of a national team, with coordinated industry event participation, and social media content creation.

We have helped many clients create a following in a new market vertical.  Contact us to learn more.

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