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Located in the Silicon Hills of Austin Texas, Prelaunch Labs is revolutionizing how brands, retailers and agencies increase sales, grow store traffic and boost campaign conversions.

Prelaunch Labs is a marketing services company, founded in 2015 and based on our founders collective 45 years of  product management, marketing, and sales experience. It all started out of a small garage in the outskirts of Austin, Texas: from small beginnings Prelaunch now offers a wide array of services and capabilities to clients around the globe.

We are a team of product and marketing people that love to launch successful new products. We are happiest when we help brands launch successful products

  • With confidence and finesse, we invigorate slow selling products.
  • We partner with digital agencies globally to amplify campaign performance.
  • We help retailers compete and win against Amazon.

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Grow sales, drive store traffic, boost campaign performance

Prelaunch Labs empowers brands to launch successful new products & grow online sales.  Our services have been honed over decades of in-store and online consumer experience to provide a lift to sales performance.

We utilize the latest science build an online product review service to ensure products receive informed, detailed, unbiased reviews, as well as significant number of reviews to help new products get the consumer attention they need.

We help brands build a following by partnering with influencers to drive a message into the marketplace.  By connecting with influencers that have thousands, sometimes millions of followers our Evangelist service connects brands with a passionate group of followers.

We help brands qualify products for production by beta testing hardware, software, and sometimes an entire ecosystem of products in real-world settings.  Our product qualification testing provides brands with valuable insight about production quality, marketing messaging, and consumer experience.

We help brands increase direct and retail sales, engage with customers, and increase marketing efficiency, all while better supporting their retail partners.  Our easy to implement Brandleap service provides a brand-controlled marketplace and store locator which expands brand eCommerce fulfillment options while retaining brand web traffic on site.

Our aim is to helps brands, retailers and agencies; grow sales, drive store traffic, boost campaign performance.

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