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The Modern Heritage Watch

The Modern Heritage Watch

Watchmaking heritage meets the modern day. Maison Boanton’s Ellipse watches have a minimalistic design equipped with the G100 Swiss automatic movement. World class aesthetic and never before experienced customizability creates a history of its own to bring you the greatest watch you will ever own.

Modern Vintage

Modern minimalism meets vintage heritage in a design inspired by the world’s first waterproof watch (circa 1926). The Ellipse series brings you a depth and pulse that intoxicates anyone who looks at its beauty in motion. Engineered by two of the greatest watchmakers on Earth, William Rigoulet, former manager of the Watch Design Studio at Cartier and Mikaël Bourgeois, designer of over 500 luxury watches, have come together to create history and invite you to be a part of it.

Artwork Beyond the Dial

We believe a watch is more than a timepiece, and that the strap should never be neglected. With leather sourced from tanneries in France and Italy, all of our straps are refined at a workshop in France on the Swiss border. Each strap works to stand as an accent to the watch itself. With plenty of options and interchangeable capsules, your watch will capture the eye of anyone who glances on your wrist…especially when the Arabic numerals shine through the sapphire glass.

Built By Men For Men

Inspired by ambition, Hassan Sefrioui left his position of 10 years at the United Nations and founded Maison Boanton, yet the goal wasn’t to simply start a watch company, it was to breathe a new life into the heritage of watchmaking.

To create the best, he brought in the best and partnered with William Rigoulet the former head of the Watch Design Studio at Cartier, Mikael Bourgeois who has developed over 500 prestige watches for the past 20 years at Haute Horlogerie, and last but not least Matthieu Devernet who has spent the last 15 years designing luxury watches and automotives. This team of artists have given the men of today a watch to wear for an eternity.

Be the Power Behind Your Watch 

Every man should have an automatic watch. Batteries die and you can run out of charge, but when the watch is powered by the motion of your wrist, you will never worry about the time again. We use the Swiss made G100 movement because precision is the seminal mark of a great watch. Wind the watch and it will run off the motions you put it through. With 68 hours of power reserve, you can take the watch off for an entire weekend and still see it ticking.

Capture Your Time

What's in the Box

1 x Ellipse Watch comes in a handmade box.

1 x Papers and certificates are included in the box.


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