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Unfair Advantage: Lightweight urban stealth e-bike

Unfair Advantage: Lightweight urban stealth e-bike

The lightest and most versatile e-bike, perfect for commuting inside the city or recreational riding. Subscribe to a special early bird offer of up to 50% OFF.

Lightweight & Ergonomic

Designed for urban commuters, Unfair Advantage e-bike is perfectly suited for city use. With its lightweight design, it's an excellent option for city travel, especially when ease of carrying is a priority.

And when the battery runs out, it's still comfortable to ride as a regular bike. No more range anxiety!

Lightweight & Ergonomic

The lightest and sleekest e-bike around

The Unfair Advantage combines the best of both worlds - traditional bicycles and electric bikes. Its lightweight and slim frame provides unparalleled aesthetics and a stunning look. And the concealed electronics make every ride enjoyable and smooth, taking you further without breaking a sweat.

Power hiding in plain sight

Its sole purpose is to make your daily commute, and thus life - easier. It is designed to be used as your main mode of transportation in the city, whether you are commuting to work, running errands, or just getting around town. It's a bike, but much better.

Main Features

•  Frame-integrated electronics

•  Powerful 40Nm torque hub motor

•  CDC gates carbon belt

•  7Ah 36V li-ion battery

•  Hydraulic disk brakes

•  3 levels of pedal assist

•  Speed up to 25km/h - 20mp/h

•  Up to 60km range

•  Compact handlebar LCD display

•  700x40 size wheels

•  Aluminium alloy frame

•  Integrated lights

•  Smart torque sensor

•  Water resistant components


Unfair Advantage weighs just ~14kg, making it the lightest e-bike on the market.


Our frame design neatly conceals all electronic components inside the frame.

Powerful Motor

The Unfair Advantage's powerful 40Nm torque hub motor will get you up to speed quickly and easily.

Carbon Belt Drive

It is carefree for 30.000 km and will release you from mechanical noises or oily hands.

Get a price advantage!

Sign up to a special early bird offer of up to 40% OFF.

Get a price advantage!

Sign up to a special early bird offer of up to 40% OFF.

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