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Managed Review Service

Every aspect of the reviews program is designed to be completely turnkey and fully managed to minimize burden to our partners. We conduct reviewer qualification and selection, handle product shipping and logistics, manage reviewer timelines and productivity, develop a quantitative study, and organize syndication of reviews.

Reviewer Qualification

We start with reviewers that represent a target market, and choose individuals that have used similar products, and understand how they should work. All things considered, when the reviewers are familiar with a product type they create informed, detailed, unbiased reviews.


We managed the entire process of reviewer qualification, logistics, quantitative study, and syndication of reviews to a tight timeline. Most programs are completed in as little as four weeks.


The program is designed to be a managed service for brands this includes the entire process of shipping, warehousing, and return logistics (if needed).

Product Qualification

Reviewers thoroughly document their experience and look at everything from product packaging, to product setup and daily use looking for anomalies that might be missed in production ramp up. This process has caught issues such as misstated product claims, manufacturing defects and product design issues early in a product cycle that have saved our brand partners millions on returned products.

Quantitative Analysis

At the end of the concierge review program we provide a quantitative study where we gather valuable product, and channel information including NPS score. This information helps brands judge the effectiveness of product messaging, production quality, develop future product iterations, evaluate product pricing, and channel sales strategy.

Reviews at Product Launch

We work with brands prior to a product launch to ensure that a sizable amount of reviews are available at product launch maximizing the benefit of reviews from sales day number one!

Syndicated Reviews

Reviews are syndicated to brands and their top retailers benefiting the entire online channel.

Sales Growth

Informed, detailed, unbiased reviews at launch result in higher sales from day one and throughout the life of a product.


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