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Wacky Puppies: Strategic Card Game With Dog Puns

Wacky Puppies: Strategic Card Game With Dog Puns

A weirdly fun card game that combines strategy, dog puns, surprise comebacks, hilarious artwork, and wacky challenges. Easy to learn & guarantees uproarious game nights for all ages.

Harness Your Superpowers

Are you lucky enough to hold 2 matching collect cards? Time for super powers! You’re now allowed to draw a card from the Special Ability Deck and get a boost with some ridiculously awesome abilities.

Be a Strategic Mastermind

Wacky Puppies is meant to make game night funnier and bring silly interactions into play! So if you want to increase your chances, you better be witty, form alliances, or play rough and do whatever it takes to win!

Last One Standing Takes The Win!

The last player alive wins the game, so unleash your survivor instincts, avoid going "BOOM," and keep that tail wagging till the end.


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