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Audi active coach: Driving You to Well-Being

Audi active coach: Driving You to Well-Being

Transform your commute. Enrich your driving experience with data-based recommendations and practical guidance. And focus on your well-being before, during and after the journey.

Integrates with Your Apple HealthKit

Connect your Apple Watch** to record your heart rate along the route, collect mindfulness minutes in your Apple Health app, and gain valuable insights into your physiological response to driving conditions — all within the Apple Health ecosystem.

Bring Back the Joy of the Journey

Audi active coach keeps you engaged for the long-term to pursue your well-being goals. Fun challenges adapt to your driving and give you that welcome extra boost and encouragement. 

5 stress-free commutes? Earn the Stress-Free Badge! Completed a mindfulness exercise every day this week? Share the milestone with your friends!

Enjoy the Journey

Escape the daily grind and make your commute a highlight of the day. Audi active coach is your ticket to transforming mundane drives into moments of joy and self-care.  With Audi active coach, your commute becomes more than just transportation — it becomes a time to recharge, reflect, and enjoy the journey ahead. Experience the difference of driving with purpose and well-being in mind.


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