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Florella: Effortless Relief for Your Period Pain

Florella: Effortless Relief for Your Period Pain

Meet the first-ever patented therapeutic wristband designed to alleviate menstrual pain naturally, without drugs, invasive treatments, batteries, or wires.  Effortless in use and stylish to wear, the Florella is your solution to period pain.

Discreet Design for Everyday Wear

Understanding the need for privacy in pain management, Florella offers a compact and discreet solution. Its sleek design allows it to be comfortably worn as a wristband, ensuring that it goes unnoticed. The wristband's small stature belies its powerful relief, offering a hidden helper for those suffering from menstrual discomfort.

Drug-free And Non-invasive

Florella stands proud as a 100% natural method for managing menstrual pain. It leverages the innate properties of rare earth magnets to provide relief without drugs or chemicals. By aligning with the body's natural processes, Florella circumvents the need for synthetic interventions, offering a pure and holistic approach to pain management.

Included in the box:

1x  Florella multi-magnet unit

2x  Adjustable Infinity Bands

1x  Adjustable Silicon Band

1x  “Belly Button”

1x  Travel Case


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