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Fully Interactive Pet Toy & Smart Treat Dispenser

Fully Interactive Pet Toy & Smart Treat Dispenser

A smart way to keep your pet happy & healthy while you’re away.

An Automatic Smart Treat Dispenser That Rewards Me



Easy Clean

Built-In Lights & Sound System

100% Automatic

Controllable Treat Delivery

Multiple Interaction Modes

Eco-Friendly & Safe

Starter Mode

Let's start off with 'Starter Mode' for my first yummy challenge! Select ‘Starter’ by pressing the button once, then the 10-minute countdown begins. Each touch triggers 1 extra minute cut out. Time out. Meal is served! You can Re-start from sensory stimulation-Self-entertainment all day long!

Advanced Mode

When ‘Starter’ becomes too easy for me, move on to the 'Advanced' level. 10 minute countdown while every touch only cuts 20 extra seconds. Woohoo, they must play more to get yummy treatos!

Expert Mode

Finally, if the above two levels still don’t fulfill my entertainment, you can always go to ’Expert’ level just because I’m your smartest fur-baby!No more automatic countdowns, but purely activated with interaction! I can play until I reach a fixed amount of touches in order to get my dinner served. See how unstoppable I can be at being an interaction expert!

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