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ibuée: The RainStorm Shower Experience

ibuée: The RainStorm Shower Experience

An innovative, patented solution to showering — with up to 50% water savings.

The ibuée RainStorm

With increased pressure feeling even at a low flow, we call this patented technology the RainStorm — for providing you a unique shower experience with large water droplets.

Water Saving

Clog Free

Unlike other showerheads, ibuée’s all-metal brass body has a single large nozzle and won’t get clogged — with none to little cleaning and maintenance needed.

Universal and Easy to Use

Installing ibuée is a breeze. All you have to do is to replace your old showerhead with our new technology and start using it right away! From homes and hotels to gyms and other public facilities, ibuée is compatible with various universal shower systems.

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