Meet your new personal development course

Meet your new personal development course

Persona is a brand new suite of development courses created by NIDA, Australia's leading dramatic art school, that teaches you to be more effective at work and in life. But before it launches, we're looking for eager professionals to experience the course — free of charge. Ready to grow?

Personal development for professional outcomes

Persona courses make a difference beyond the boardroom. You'll not only learn how to be a great leader and collaborator, but a better communicator with your friends, partner and family.

Personal development for professional outcomes

Online learning, reimagined

There are two types of personal development courses: ones that you finish, and ones that you don’t. This is the former. Persona courses are hands-on learning experiences that mesh with everyday life and cater to every type of learner.

Game-changing lessons

The National Institute of Dramatic Art has educated some of the world’s best actors and performing arts professionals. But that's not all — for years, they’ve also been equipping Australia's greatest leaders with the tools and techniques to help them be more effective communicators. Act Natural is the first Persona course that arms you with the best of these insights.

Volume One: Act Natural

Actors are taught how to understand who they are so they can become everyone else. But in Act Natural, you'll learn how to present the strongest version of yourself in real-life situations, so that — no matter the circumstance — you can craft a persona that suits every stage.

Learn how to influence how the world perceives you

Act One: Who Are You?

Discover your communication habits and observe with greater awareness

Act Two: Finding Your Neutral

Learn to erase unconscious body signals by creating a neutral alignment

Act Three: Crafting Your Persona

Explore status, voice and energy to communicate with presence and power

Act Four: Influence The Narrative

Strengthen your ability to influence and impact others through emotional tactics

Try the course before it goes mainstream

We're looking for a handful of curious professionals to experience Act Natural. If you're selected to take part in our test, you'll receive the course — on us.

Learn the way you live

In this course, you'll watch short films, play card games with friends, craft stories about strangers, listen to audio guides, and get to know yourself in a whole new way. Each lesson is specifically designed to challenge you and push you to your limits — and you’ll love every minute of it.

Fifteen minutes, every day

Bite-sized lessons made for the hustlers and jugglers, so you can do them between meetings, before work, or while waiting for your lasagna in the oven. We fit to your schedule, no matter how busy.

Be the first to experience the course

If you're selected to be part of our test group, we'll send you the book right to your doorstep so you can get started.

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