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Plug & Go: The Perfect Camping Companion

Plug & Go: The Perfect Camping Companion

The 5 in 1 Outdoor Toolkit

Everything Runs Off One Battery

You don’t have to bring separate chargers and batteries for your devices. Plug&Go’s modular design allows you to use the 10,000mAh power bank base as the power supply for its tool set.

Grind Fresh Coffee

Start the day off right with a cup of freshly ground coffee. Packing a coffee grinder doesn’t have to be a luxury anymore.

Dependable Air Pump

The air pump is perfect for inflating mattresses, pool toys, and floaties to get everyone comfortable and in the water.

Mosquito Repeller

Keep the mosquito repeller going throughout the day to stay clear of pesky bug bites with repellent pads that emit odorless and completely safe repellants.

Power Bank

Your phone battery might now last forever, but with the Plug&Go doubling as a power bank, it comes pretty close. 10,000mAh of power will keep your devices and tools powered the whole day.

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