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Effa: 100% Recyclable & Renewable Toothbrush

Effa: 100% Recyclable & Renewable Toothbrush

Plastic is Everywhere

According to Bloomberg, people started using 50% more of disposable plastics in 2020-21 with the current crisis. We can address this problem at the start of each day.

Write about its benefits

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The Perfect Travel Brush

Going on a vacation and don’t want to take a cheap disposable toothbrush? EFFA is the perfect travel toothbrush thanks to its recyclability, making your trip that much more eco-friendly!

Sustainability Meets Hygiene

EFFA is designed to be recycled every month - that means you will always have a fresh toothbrush to look forward to. Use it at home or on the go just like you would with any other brush.

Who is Already taking Responsibility

We have already partnered with some big name companies that understand the importance of sustainability. Now it is your turn to take a step in the right direction.

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