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Wagmatic: Most Controllable and Reliable Pet Door

Wagmatic: Most Controllable and Reliable Pet Door

Wagmatic -with the most accurate identification technology and a perfect comfort collar, Petvation makes it possible for your pets to get in and out of the house in a safe, controllable and reliable way.

The future Smart pet Door

Power by Near-field recognition technology when your pet approaches the door and when they wish to enter or exit. Allowing you to control when your pet comes and goes from a distance. And denying raccoons and other unwanted guests entry to your home! or just keep your dog out, but let your cats in.

The Most Accurate Identification

Wagmatic could determine exactly where your pet is, and the door would only open if the pet is at the door. Most of all, Wagmatic 's elaborate collar is light enough compared to the big and heavy ones on the market, it is the most comfortable option for sensitive cats or small pets.

Multiple power supply modes

Petvation can be powered by disposable batteries or Type-C chargers. The battery can last 1-2 months.

The Most Accurate Identification

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