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 The Spill & Splash-Free Dog Bowl System

The Spill & Splash-Free Dog Bowl System

Kibble Katcher is the ultimate spill and splash-free system that keeps your floors clean and your dog healthy.




Separate Trays


Dishwasher Friendly


Elegant Design

No More Wet Socks

It’s no fun stepping into a puddle of water or crushing random pieces of kibble. Kibble Katcher’s ingenious design funnels excess water and kibble into separate trays, keeping dry food in one section while capturing water on the other side. And once it’s time to clean up, simply slide out the trays and dispose! No more wet socks, a clean floor, and super easy cleanup.

Spill-Proof Water Bowl

Spilled water can cause all kinds of damage to your floors. Kibble Katcher rocks a unique floating disc that sits inside the water bowl and prevents water from spilling all over the place – no matter how sloppy your furry little friend is. Plus, it helps to slow down your dog, preventing them from swallowing too much water at once.

No More Bacteria

What’s more, it also keeps hair, fur, and other debris away! Other solutions catch kibble and water in one big tray, creating a breeding ground for harmful aflatoxins and other bacteria. Kibble Katcher’s separated tray solution ensures that water and kibble don’t get mixed, preventing any harmful substances from forming.

Healthy Feeding

A healthy dog is a happy dog! Kibble Katcher’s bowls are elevated and provide your dog with various health benefits, such as optimal food digestion, better posture, arthritis pain relief and preventing fast eating.

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