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Wireless Headphones & Speakers in One

Wireless Headphones & Speakers in One

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Seamless Transition

Switch from headphones to speakers in just a second. Speaphones are perfect for a personal listening experience on the way to the hangout, and once you arrive, flip your headphones into speakers so everyone can enjoy high quality, loud and crisp audio.

Bring Everyone Together

Thanks to a patented amplifier technology, Speaphone delivers loud and crisp audio that has never been possible in such a form factor before.

Sustainable By Design

Why lug around a pair of headphones and a speaker set when you can have it together? Speaphone can be completely disassembled with a standard screwdriver so you can replace and recycle any part with us — no need to buy a whole new headset.

Stay Connected

You and your friends can connect to your Speaphone with Bluetooth 5.2 that supports multi-hosting so you can all DJ. You can also connect your Speaphone to your Google Assistant, Amazon Alexa and Siri with just a tap.

High Fidelity Sound

Qualcomm Apt-X codec + patented amplifier delivers loud and crisp audio in a small form factor.

All-Week Battery

Up to 38 hours in ANC-OFF, 23 hours ANC-ON and 15 hours in speaker mode.

Built-in Assistants

With Google Assistant, Alexa or Siri, you have a third hand. Wherever you are, whatever you do.

What You Get with a Speaphone

Seamless Switch

Bluetooth 5.2 allows you to switch seamlessly between all of your devices.

Blazing Fast Charge

10 minutes of USB-C charging gives you up to 5 hours of playback in ANC-OFF headphone mode.

Quick Pair

NFC and Google fast pair get your Speaphone up and running in no time.

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