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18 HEX GAMES COLLECTION coming soon to Kickstarter

18 HEX GAMES COLLECTION coming soon to Kickstarter

Iso, Pantheon & Hextremadura. The first 3 titles of this NEW COLLECTION by LittleHouse BoardGames. 18 hexagonal tiles. 1 minute to learn, 15 minutes to play.

All 18 HEX GAMES are language independent

Each box contains 1 independent language rulebook-reference. You will be able to download the digital and printable rulebooks in 5 different languages.


An asymmetrical strategy game. In Pantheon you will be tasked with the construction of a monument to honor your deities, but only one culture will endure in this clash of titans.


Solo-cooperative exploration game where you will discover a new land beyond the edges of the Duero river. Place the different terrain tiles to achieve every exploration objective at the end of your journey: the perfect score.


Multiplayer three-dimensional tile-placement game. In ISO you will enter an isometric world where you will compete for the objectives in the 3 different perspectives.

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