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This hoodie grows in value and saves the planet!

This hoodie grows in value and saves the planet!

SIXR's "FOR TOMORROW" Hoodie – a stylish investment with recycling incentives linked to stocks. The longer you keep it, the better the returns. Say no to fast fashion, join us in slowing fashion down. Choose sustainable brands with SIXR and redefine your wardrobe for a brighter future.

A Hoodie that is Kind to everyone!

FOR TOMORROW Hoodie is designed keeping in mind it is not only kind to you but it is also kind to environment and labour that is involved in making it. You can see entire lifecycle of the Hoodie in SIXR app including “Who made it?", “How it was made?” and “Where to send it?” when it reaches end of life. 

Minimum Waste

Did you know 12% of fabric we produce is never turned into garment because of design limitations? We designed carefully and made sure we use maximum fabric and produce minimum waste.

Sustainable Fibres

Did you know 85% of our garments end up landfills and only 10% upcycled or reused and less than 5% is recycled. We are determined to promote recycling. Our hoodies are made from recycled material.

Design for Disassembly

Majority of garments can't be recycled because of lack of information about composition and hardware attached to it. Our hoodie has no hardware and composition is saved in QR code label and also saved in SIXR app. So we will never lose this critical information.

Equitable Labour

We make sure our staff in the entire supply chain who touch our clothes are paid fairly and you can see that in SIXR app "who made your clothes?"

A Hoodie that is Kind to everyone!

Oversized Hood & Stash Pockets

Oversized hood is super convenient. 


Our stash pockets are carefully designed to secure your expensive stuff like your phone, key chain, sunglasses and wallets.

Why our hoodies have incentives?

Our hoodies come with incentives that are invested in earth-saving stocks like sustainable energy, reforestation, and ocean clean-ups


Our research revealed that in order to slow fashion down, we need to motivate customers to invest in high quality clothing that lasts long. 


These incentives will work as motivation for customers to keep the clothes in good shape and for as long as possible


Once you are done with your hoodie, you have to send it back to us through SIXR app to earn your incentives

SIXR app- Uniting Brands,Customers,Recyclers.

Beyond an app, it's a revolutionary platform connecting brands, recyclers, and customers to make recycling easier. Our mission is to keep clothes away from landfills and bring transparency in fashion. Trace your clothes journey with a tap, ensuring ethical and sustainable practices.

Buy a hoodie & be part of the Fashion Revolution!

  • 380 GSM.
  • 60% Recycled Cotton/40% Recycled Polyester.
  • Receive future shipping credit.
  • Recycling incentives included.

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