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Ad Maiora

Ad Maiora

Towards Greater Things

Extend Your Phone

Ad Maiora allows for seamless use of your smartphone without touching it. Sync your appointments, view notifications, control your music, and even take photos with the touch of a button.

Extend Your Phone

Your Adventure Companion

Its rugged and durable design is inspired by classic adventure watches. But where they just told the time, Ad Maiora adapts the most useful tracking features. Track your walking, cycling, hiking and other activities with multiple analytics, from GPS positioning to heart rate and VO2 max monitoring.

Smart features

At a Glance Time Management

View your day’s schedule graphically

Activity Sensor

Measure your steps and other activities

Heart Rate Monitor

Work out more efficiently and track your fitness

GPS Tracking & Barometer

Plot your runs and hikes accurately

Tech Specs

  • Case Diameter 42mm
  • Strap Material Leather, resin, stainless steel
  • Activity Tracking Functionality Heart Rate,VO2 Max
  • Water Resistance 10bar/100m

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