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The Head Mounted Air Purifier

Clear And Comfortable

Lightweight and adjustable, Aerion sits comfortably on your head, doesn’t fog up glasses, and doesn’t come in contact with or hide your face.

Clear And Comfortable

ElectroStatic Precipitator Technology

Aerion’s patent pending electrostatic precipitator creates a powerful electric field that eliminates pathogens and collects other particulate matter from the air you breathe.

No Filters to Replace

With ESP technology, Aerion doesn’t require any filter replacements. Captured particulates go right to the dust collection cartridge that just needs to be emptied.

Next Level Protection

Aerion runs air through a UV-C light to eliminate microbes, passes it through the ESP to send particulate matter to the dust collection cartridge, and finally through a reusable carbon filter to absorb gaseous pollutants.

Real Time Monitoring

Aerion monitors the air quality and automatically adjusts. Use the mobile app to track air quality, control your device, and know when the dust container is full.


  • Dimensions – 16.4 x 9.9 x 4.5 cm
  • Lithium Battery – 3 Hours of Charge
  • LightWeight – 250g
  • Device Noise – 30dBA

Keep Unwanted Air Out

Aerion quietly blows filtered air down and prevents unwanted particles from entering.

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