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Agwa: Your Effortless, AI-Assisted Home Garden

Agwa: Your Effortless, AI-Assisted Home Garden

Effortlessly bring the garden into your kitchen with Agwa. AI tech and revolutionary automation grow food without any intervention from you. Nutrient-rich pods, specialized lighting, and a climate-controlled atmosphere create the ideal environment to grow fresh greens while AI cameras monitor growth

Farm From Home

You don’t need to have a field to grow your own food—with Agwa, select the seeds you crave, pop them in, and let technology nurture your greens. Have fresh vegetables year round, and stop going to the grocery store just to get some basil for your salad or thyme for your pasta. 

Grow your own food in your own house, apartment or garage without even having to go outside or getting dirty.

Revolutionary AI Home Garden

Your greens will enjoy a climate-controlled environment created to mimic nature's most nurturing conditions. The specialized growth lights are engineered to recreate natural sunlight, ensuring your greens will thrive all year. 

AI cameras monitor the growth rate and health status of each of your plants and notify you when they are ready to harvest. Agwa becomes easier to use the more you use it with its integrated AI by recognizing your plant’s growth patterns and your preferences.

Full Auto Farm

Your Agwa is designed to effortlessly bring you the best ingredients to your kitchen. Our smart hydroponic system is the pinnacle of automation, taking care of all the necessities your garden demands. 

For example, Agwa's precise irrigation ensures each plant receives the perfect amount of hydration. The meticulous design requires such minimal maintenance that you can spend a vacation on a tropical beach, and come home to a lush garden ready to offer its bountiful harvest.

Freshest Greens with Minimal Effort

Using Agwa is easy as reaching in your fridge for a snack. A press of a button is all it takes to grow your greens. 

No mess, no fuss—just the satisfaction of harvesting the crispest, most flavorsome greens you've ever tasted, anytime in your home.

Sustainable Sustenance

Agwa only uses 0.07 kWh per day to operate, which costs the average person about 0.25$ per day. You can grow your own food sustainably without any plastic bags, excess water, or needless energy output. 

Reuse your Agwa for years to come with minimal impact on the environment, all without worrying about over-hydrating or letting your greens die.


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