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Allespresso: AI Bringing Coffee to the Future

Allespresso: AI Bringing Coffee to the Future

Your Allespresso is a customizable, friendly, automated, face-recognizing, command-listening, self-cleaning coffee machine that has over a dozen types of coffee for you to choose from any time of day.

Your Adjustable Barista

Some days you need an espresso to kick off the day, other days you have time to sip your coffee comfortably. You need a machine that can satisfy every last one of your coffee cravings without ever compromising on quality. The Allespresso machine lets you choose from over a dozen different selections all with their own tasty unique flavors. Flavors you can adjust according to your desired preferences.

Your Beck-And-Call Barista

Talking to your coffee machine usually doesn’t work but with your Allespresso machines voice command system, you can tell your coffee machine what kind of coffee you want and moments later you get exactly what you ordered. With integrated AI you can tell your coffee machine what you want the way you would tell a person, saving you precious time in the mornings or when you’re in a rush.

Your Friendly Barista

Start your morning with good vibes and get greeted with your coffee machine. Walk up to it and see an emoji that will smile at you and even wink, putting a smile on your face as well. It will then suggest your “usual” and you can either agree, tell it to make it warmer or tell it to offer you a different beverage, and your Allespresso will adjust. If you’re looking to have a quiet morning and not say a word you can make the changes from the app. 


Your In App Barista

If you feel like having a quiet morning or just don’t feel like getting out of bed to make your coffee, order your coffee from your phone. Tell your Allespresso exactly what you want and how you want it and get just what you crave every time. Get the coffee you want without having to say a word and your Allespresso will have your coffee waiting for you just the way you like it. 


Your Integrated Barista

Choose from any one of the 22 different drinks available on one menu or come up with hundreds of different recipes from another menu on the Allespresso tablet. You can also share your coffee recipes on virtually every social media platform from your Allespresso. Since it is home integrated, you can play music on Spotify or watch a Youtube video all from the tablet and cast it across the speakers in your home. Get weather reports, flight announcements all from your coffee maker!


Your Self-Cleaning Barista

Stop having to buy pods and filters just to have coffee. Your Allespresso cleans itself to the point where all you need to do is drop a few tablets in the container or rinse out parts of your machine. 

What's in the Box

  • Coffee Machine, Milk Tube
  • Screen as Tablet, Cleaning Brush
  • Power Plugs, Instruction Manual
  • Measuring Scoop for Coffee Powder


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