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COVE RUNNER - Fishing Tackle Box Armband

COVE RUNNER - Fishing Tackle Box Armband

Do you like to pack light and move often when you go fishing? The Cove Runner Armband Tackle Box frees up your hands and gets you closer to those hard to reach strike zones, while still keeping all of your essential gear close by!

Removeable Tackle Boxes

With the versatility of the Cove Runner Tackle Box Armband simply remove the tackle box from the armband and swap individual tackle boxes for the type of fishing you'll be doing (Freshwater/Saltwater etc.).

Removeable Tackle Boxes

Designed for Function

The OPEN CONCEPT compartment allows you to carry a wide variety of gear in a small area, while POWERFUL MAGNETS keep lures in place and prevent items from falling out when changing lures.

Fishing On The Move!

MOBILITY- Active fishermen need mobility and accessibility. This armband tackle box allows you to transport and access your gear faster than most methods. This is a great addition to your larger tackle box for when you just want to hop out of your car and fish or run down to the dock and throw a line in without lugging large boxes and backpacks.

Different Boxes, Same Armband

Cove Runner Tackle Boxes are interchangeable making it easy to swap out boxes depending on the type of fish you are after. Common tack box set ups include FRESHWATER, SALTWATER, or a COMBINATION!

Frequently Asked Questions

The Cove Runner Armband Tackle Box was designed by people who love to fish FOR people who love to fish. This tackle box armband truly makes carrying and accessing your gear a lot easier. If your interested in owning one, please subscribe to our page and help us get this into the hands of people who love to fish! Thank you for your consideration!

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