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ATA Water Cube: Pure Clean Fresh Tasting Water

ATA Water Cube: Pure Clean Fresh Tasting Water

The ATA water cube is an entire water filtration system designed to be as compact as possible. It incorporates a multi stage purification system complete with a self-cleaning feature and protective measures put in place to increase efficiency and longevity of the filter.

Compact entire water filtration system

Soften Your Water

First and foremost we incorporated a descaler to soften your water. Your ATA water cube’s electric descaler softens your water while not removing the magnesium and calcium you want. The 20 micron Mesh Filter prolongs the longevity of your ATA water cube filter by protecting the rest of the filters from sediments…it is also SELF - CLEANING.

Get Rid of the Bugs

Once the water has passed through the 20 micron mesh filter it has gotten rid of a lot of gunk in the water already, except for pathogens. For this reason, your ATA water cube comes with a UV light that destroys bacteria, protozoa, cysts and viral pathogens on a molecular level. 

Additionally, the UV light is an LED light that dims according to the flow rate of the water, saving energy and ensuring longevity. 


Superior Lifespan

Your ATA cube water filter does not let water go through your Activated Carbon Filter until it has passed through a UV light and four mesh filters first. This means that your Activated Carbon Filters have 4 times the lifespan of regular carbon filters, meaning you won’t have to replace them for 2 YEARS. 


to name a few. With exceptional size and 4 separate filters, your Activated Carbon Filter eliminates bad taste and smell at an exceptional rate. 

…to Install

As far as installation goes the ATA water cube has a single input and a single output hose. Which is a lot different from the usual filtration setup. 

…to maintain

Maintenance is even easier than installation. No tools are required in the upkeep of your ATA water cube. The panels in which your water purification system is enclosed can be removed by hand and so can the various filters when comes time for their replacement. However, upkeep for the system is ¼ as demanding than a regular filter on account of its built-in self cleaning feature and mobile app.


…to clean

All filters need upkeep but ATA water cube has a SELF CLEANING feature. We have installed an ultrasonic speaker near the mesh filter to shake off the muck that would be found in your water. From there a pump collects all the unwanted particles the filters have collected and deposits them in a separate tank. This self cleaning feature means that your mesh filters will last a LIFETIME and you won't have to empty the sediment tank for 5-10 YEARS!


We specifically designed your ATA water cube to be functional and compact so that it would not take up any unnecessary space and provide clean purified water for your entire home.

In doing so we realized that while it may beamong the best filters on the market, it isdefinitely the best looking filter on the market. 

What’s in the box

  • 1 x ATA water cube with attached power cord
  • 2 x Paper pulp trays
  • 1 x Cardboard Box


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