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Baby Frog Eco: COMPOSTABLE tableware.

Baby Frog Eco: COMPOSTABLE tableware.

Baby Frog ECO is 100% safe, compostable, and harmless to the environment and people. It is made from eggshell and vegetable oils. We aim to influence a future where we can eliminate petroleum derivatives, plastics, and additives.

Why choose Baby Frog ECO:

At BABY FROG ECO, the safety and sustainability of our baby tableware are paramount.

The biopolymer we use is derived from waste generated by agro-food industries, such as vegetable oil production and eggshells. We transform this waste into valuable products, promoting a circular economy and reducing the carbon footprint.

We use a natural process to create it, with low environmental impact, much lower than petroleum-derived plastics, and significantly lower than other products like PLA or PPbio.

What offers Baby Frog ECO:

We have spent a long time gathering information and studies on the problems of plastics, microplastics, and all petroleum derivatives and their additives. Results of these studies are alarming, as we are raising children with microplastics in their bodies.


This leads to issues in their cognitive and hormonal development, hyperactivity, and more severe diseases such as childhood cancer. We reduce these risks since most of the plastics they ingest are through the mouth and in the baby's feeding.

Safe to use

The inhalation of microplastic particles present in plastic utensils has been linked to respiratory problems in children. Our goal with BABY FROG ECO is for children to use utensils that are completely safe for them.

Gastrointestinal protection.

The regular ingestion of microplastics due to the contact of plastics with food has been associated with gastrointestinal risks, including intestinal irritation and imbalances in the microbiota. With BABYFROG ECO, we want our children to be 100% safe, as it is a harmless, biodegradable, compostable product that is necessary for the environment. It is made from flour derived from vegetable oils and eggshells.

Cognitive and hormonal development.

Recent research suggests that constant exposure to microplastics can affect cognitive and hormonal development in growing children. BABY FROG ECO aims to eliminate this risk.

Eco-friendly for all

Our product not only gets along well with children but also with nature and animals; it is compostable and non-polluting.

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