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BBQ Clean Bag: Grill Cleaning The Easy Way

BBQ Clean Bag: Grill Cleaning The Easy Way

Cleaning a greasy grill can be messy job, is time-consuming, and, in some cases, even toxic. BBQ Clean Bag is the best cleaning solution for you - an easy and effective way to clean your grill without all the hassle!

The Ultimate Grill Cleaning Solution

BBQ Clean Bag is a revolutionary cleaning solution for barbeque grills. It's easy to use and requires no toxic chemicals, so you can clean your grill without worrying about nasty stuff on your food or around your sink. BBQ Clean Bag absorbs grease and other residues from your grill—leaving it sparkling clean and ready for cooking!

Grill Cleaning Made Easy

Clean up after grilling has never been easier! With the BBQ Clean Bag, all you have to do is place the grill in the bag, add our cleaner and warm water, and then leave it alone for an hour while the magic happens. When you return, dispose of the cleaning liquid in the sink—no mess, no fuss! Then rub your grill down with an old newspaper, and that's it! You're done!

A Cleaner, Safer BBQ Experience

When you clean only the accessible parts of the grill, you're leaving behind bacteria that can spread and become a health hazard. With the patented BBQ Clean Bag, you'll be able to clean every last inch of your grill and reduce your risk of bacterial infection. Get the whole thing done in one swoop—no matter how big or small your grill is.

For More Chat Time, Game Time

You want to spend as much time with your friends and family as possible, but you also want to ensure that your grill is clean after using it. Worry no more! The BBQ Clean Bag will do the dirty work for you—cleaning your grill without the hassle of scrubbing back and forth. You can spend more time playing or talking with your friends and family!

Never Scrub Your Grill Again

This BBQ Clean Bag is your new best friend for cleaning up after a long night of grilling. Its unique design and high-quality material make it easy to clean and won't get dirty on its own. You'll never have to wear rubber gloves and spend hours scrubbing the grill again. This product will save you time and energy by reducing manual labor so that you can enjoy your food (and friends) more and less time cleaning. It's simple, efficient, and eco-friendly!

Keeping Your Grill Clean and Green

BBQ Clean Bag is made of 70% recycled plastics and the bag itself is 100% recyclable. It is safe for use with both charcoal and gas grills. The BBQ Clean Bag is ideal for any grill owner who wants to make their life easier while maintaining a green lifestyle.

Three Size Options

There are three bag-sizes, so there's always one for your grill. Small is 35 x 45 cm, Medium is 45 x 55 cm and a large one 55 x 65 cm. Each of them comes with five pouches of detergent, which carries plenty of power to clean even the dirtiest of grills.


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