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Beacon Boxx: Reliable Home Emergency Response

Beacon Boxx: Reliable Home Emergency Response

Experience peace of mind with Beacon Boxx, your in-home lifeline providing 24/7 health monitoring, rapid emergency response, and secure home access. It ensures optimal health, safety, and security during your most vulnerable moments, if left unconscious and unable to call for help when home alone.

Never Alone. Always Secure.

Living alone brings the fear of not receiving timely assistance during emergencies. Beacon Boxx is your comprehensive in-home safety ecosystem bridging the gap between connected wearable devices and at home safety & security. With advanced technology that monitors for negative trends that could signal a debilitating emergency, Beacon Boxx notifies users and alerts emergency contacts for swift assistance.

Streaming Doorbell Functionality

Just like a Ring doorbell, Beacon Boxx allows you to stream video and audio of your doorstep, enhancing your home security. You can see and communicate with visitors, deterring potential intruders and ensuring you never miss a package delivery. But Beacon Boxx is more – it's a comprehensive safety & security platform. Ditch the Ring and discover real safety and security with your Beacon Boxx.

Secure Access for Trusted Individuals

Beacon Boxx offers a unique, secure access solution. Trusted individuals like dog walkers, housekeepers, and family members use a unique PIN to retrieve a key, ensuring smooth, secure home access. In emergencies, it allows first responders swift entry, eliminating the need for forced entries, thus saving precious time and improving the likelihood of your survival.

Quick Setup. Lasting Power.

Experience seamless installation with Beacon Boxx. It's designed for easy setup, ensuring instant peace of mind. And with a self-contained lithium-ion battery, you'll enjoy long-lasting power that only needs recharging once every 12 months. Simply recharge in 2 hours using the provided USB-C plug, and enjoy continuous protection and convenience.

Secure, Durable, and Built to Last

The Beacon Boxx isn't just smart - it's tough, too. Forged from durable industrial-grade aluminum alloy and molded to commercial lockbox standards, this box is practically impenetrable. Die-cast for extreme durability, Beacon Boxx is penetration tested and approved. Invest in the lasting peace of mind that comes from knowing your security is as robust as it is reliable. 


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