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BEATBOMB: Make What Sorrounds You Sound!

BEATBOMB: Make What Sorrounds You Sound!

An acoustic device that turns an object into a real audio speaker. Just attach BEATBOMB to a panel, and the panel become a real stereo sound system. Every surface can be trnsformd as wood, plastic amd more over! Subscribe to be updated to the launch!

How it works!

Place BEATBOMB wherever you want!

High Quality sound!

Sound floods you with a blend of power and high fidelity! Don't just expect background music, by placing 360-degree BEATBOMB devices in your room you can light up your evenings with a powerful and versatile stereo system.

Enveloping Acoustic

An acoustic that envelops you naturally from every direction! In classic speakers, the sound is emitted only from a specific point and expands with a wave cone of about 110°. With BEATBOMB, on the other hand, the sound is emitted from the entire surface of the object, therefore the wave propagates uniformly parallel to the emitting surface, greatly improving the acoustics and naturalness of the sound.

Easy to Install - Plug & Play!

The Installation is really easy, just attach BEATBOMB to a panel, connect it to the mains, connect the Bluetooth and press play. Fast and Easy!

What is inside the BOX

  • 1x BEATBOMB Stereo 50W R + 50W L (100W max)
  • 1x Power Supply with outlet adapter
  • 12x Screws to attach BEATBOMB to a panel
  • 1x 2 meters cable

Technical specifications:

  • Power: 50W Left + 50W Right - Total Stereo 100W 8Ω
  • Connections: Bluetooth 5.0 - Pairing Multipoint
  • Operating: 12V, 3A - IP68 certificated
  • Weight: 2 Kg - 2.2 Lb

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