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Blanc: The only full-face modular mask

Blanc: The only full-face modular mask

A HEPA-enabled face mask that protects you and your identity while highlighting your personal style

Uniquely Anonymous

Be the most recognizable unrecognizable person. You know that feeling when you put sunglasses on? That no one can see where you’re looking? Blanc Mask’s opaque full-face form factor protects your privacy and allows you to regain control of your visual identity, emotions, and expressions.

Uniquely Anonymous

All-Day defence

Thanks to 2 high-efficiency FDA-approved HEPA filters, Blanc Mask protects you from 99.97% of particles, dust, pollution, viruses, and bacteria. Its comfortable airtight seal ensures that all air you breathe passes is filtered first.

Slip on Your Suit of Armor

  • High-efficiency HEPA filters
  • Visual identity protection
  • Stylistic freedom

Your Digital Hygiene Unit

Clip Blanc Mask’s 2 halves together magnetically, and you can forget it’s on! With its wide headband wrapping around your head and soft padded interior, you won’t feel the pressure of thin straps behind your ears or neck.

See Further Without Glasses

Forget about your glasses fogging up or not fitting comfortably with your mask. Blanc Mask’s unique corrective visor system is tailored to your vision, so you can leave your glasses at home.

Extensible Smart Health

Blanc Mask is more than just a mask. Its extensible format means that future add-ons will be able to provide features such as Bluetooth connectivity, voice modulation, climate control, stats, and music.

Tech Specs

  • Length 10 ⅝” (270 mm)
  • Ear to ear 8 ¼” (210 mm)
  • Front to back 3 ⅞” (100 mm)

What’s Included

  • Mask
  • 3 x different changeable panels
  • 6 x high-efficiency HEPA filters

Protect Yourself Always.

  • Forget you’re wearing a mask
  • Tailored to you
  • Endless possibilities

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