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Body temperature under control 24/7

Body temperature under control 24/7

The world’s first autonomous and contactless body temperature monitoring device to track your body position, deliver real-time reading and monitoring day and night.

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Stay Healthy With thermo-i

Thanks to its precise contactless technology and BigData capability, thermo-i understands your unique normal body temperature, measures, and sends the information to your smartphone. Now you can immediately respond to any minor changes even when sleeping, as it moves with you. Also you can have a long-term body temperature monitoring and analysis.

Patented Technology

Big Data Analysis

Dedicated Application


Measuring Temperature Without Disturbing Others

thermo-i gives you peace of mind by letting you take the temperature of your loved ones without waking them up. This is a discreet, easy-to-use thermometer that will help you keep track of your family's health no matter day or night.

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Reading From 50cm Distance

iOS & Android Compatibility

Easy To Use

Understanding Your Body's Signals With App

Your body temperature can be key to understanding your body better. Thanks to its dedicated application, thermo-i tracks, stores the data about your body temperature changes, and allows creation of long-term temperature curves. Based on the data analysis the app helps visualize your health changes, discover when you are to get sick, and even keep track of your basal body temperature effortlessly.

thermo-i Set Up

What’s Inside the Box

  • 1x thermo-i device.
  • 1x power adapter (220V/110V to 5V).
  • 1x standard removable bedhead connector.
  • 1x user manual.

Set Your thermo-i Anywhere Over Your Bed


  • Package Dimensions: 35 cm / 20 cm / 7 cm
  • Weight: 400gr
  • Color: White
  • Material: Plastic

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