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ProFinder - Helps Financial Planners Get Results!

ProFinder - Helps Financial Planners Get Results!

ProFinder is a platform that matches expert financial planners with their ideal clients. It uses a smart algorithm that optimizes time, money, and satisfaction for both parties. Planners only pay a low platform access fee and a fair success fee when they book a client.

Grow Your Financial Planning Business

Say goodbye to ads, marketing, and hard selling. ProFinder connects financial planners with their best matched clients, providing a platform for confirmed bookings without the hassle. By saving on advertising and marketing, you can focus on delivering excellent customer experiences and growing your business exponentially. Receive mobile alerts from matched clients in your area and secure bookings quickly and easily on being selected.

Revive Your Financial Planning Career

ProFinder is the ultimate platform for financial planners. Whether you are a tax advisor, a retirement planner, or a wealth manager, we have the perfect clients for you. 

How do we do it? We use a smart algorithm that analyzes your profile, preferences, and availability, and matches you with clients who are looking for your services. You just have to focus on what you do best and fill up your calendar with confirmed bookings from ideal clients. Ready to join ProFinder? Sign up now to get started.


Have a question about ProFinder?  You can find answers to the most frequently asked questions here.

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