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This project has been cancelled.

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BoomeranGO! - Your Child's Path to Healthy Habits

BoomeranGO! - Your Child's Path to Healthy Habits

Want your child to choose fruits over sweets? Or veggies over crisps? Kickstart their journey towards healthy habits with BoomeranGO! The game-changing package, endorsed by experts, that empowers your little one to cultivate healthy habits and daily routines through engaging interactions.

Broccoli? Yes please!

BoomeranGO! transforms every day decisions into fun, interactive choices. Watch on as your kid assembles healthy, balanced plates in-game, and learns to do the same in real-life!

Thanks to a unique scoring system, set up together with pediatric nutritionists, your child learns all about the importance of a balanced diet and nutritious food choices.

The Power of Water

BoomeranGO! adds an exciting twist to hydration. With every outlaw defeated, the avatar needs to collect water bottles to keep up — teaching your child the importance of proper hydration.

Promotes Off-Screen Activities

BoomeranGo! encourages your child to go for walks in real-life, away from the screen, on their own accord! The game logs their steps and converts them into playing tickets — promoting exercise and preventing excessive game time.

Teaches the Value of Sleep

At bedtime, it's all about establishing the routine. In BoomeranGO!, the avatar becomes your child's superhero role model, going to bed from 9 PM to 7 AM and setting a shining example. And if your child feels like playing between those hours? Their role model kindly reminds them it's time for bed, not for play.


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