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Bowhouz: The Wall Cubby for All Your Pet Gear 

Bowhouz: The Wall Cubby for All Your Pet Gear 

With leashes, toys, treats and bags all over the place, store all your pet’s essentials in one easy-to-access location. The Bowhouz mounts on the wall and houses all your pet gear: leashes, poop bags, towels, balls and treats for your dog. Customize the caddy with multiple hooks and a message board.

Don’t Forget The…Everything

How many times have you wanted to take your dog on a walk and can’t find a leash? Or how many times have you finally gone on a walk and wished you had remembered to grab a ball? Don’t even get started on the panic that goes through you when your dog uses the bathroom on the sidewalk and you forgot the doggie doo-doo bags. You hang your keys when you come into the house, so have a place for your dog’s stuff so you don’t ever have to lose them again.


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