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Boxing Buddy: Your Punching Bag Now Strikes Back

Portable, affordable and easy-to-use, Boxing Buddy is a patent pending add-on training system that fits almost any punching bag – providing a holistic training experience that combines offense and defense.


Portable and High Quality

Smart and Innovative

Limitless Benefits

Portable and High Quality

Portable, lightweight and easy-to-install and use – Boxing Buddy is designed with you, the user, in mind. It is also made from top quality and fully-adjustable soft foam.

Limitless Benefits

From helping you improve your balance and relieving stress to increasing your stamina and endurance… the benefits of punch boxing are boundless. In addition to these, Boxing Buddy offers effective training programs that sharpen your instincts, improve your defense capabilities, and motivate action and constant movement.

The Boxing Buddy Package

  • Boxing Buddy Main Shoulders X2 (Halves)
  • Padded Arms with PU Leather Cover X2
  • Curled Connection Cable X1
  • Mounting Belt X1 / Charger (100~240) X1


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