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Breathe Easy

Breathe Easy

OXIMA not only offers your entire face protection but gives a clear view of your facial expressions.

Highest Class of Protection

OXIMA is a patented Powered Air Purification Respirator - the highest protection class according to EU-OSHA. It also uses SGS-tested replaceable HEPA filters.

Breathe Clean

OXIMA uses HEPA-13 to filter incoming pathogens and germs then eliminates them with UV-C light once captured. Thanks to it's fan, you get a constant supply of fresh air - no need to worry about breathing in your own CO2.

Perfect Seal

Made by a bearded scientist, Oxima forms a protective seal where other masks fail. The incoming clean air creates a pressurized seal, so the air you breathe out gets cleaned through HEPA exhalation filters and unfiltered air can’t get in.


  • Battery Life: 8 Hours / Fast Charging: 80% in 30 m
  • Sizes: S-M & L-XL / Weight: 380g
  • Filters: HEPA 13
  • UV-C diodes: 280nm

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