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Pocket iRecatcher: Enhance your Pokémon Go Plus+ Experience

Pocket iRecatcher: Enhance your Pokémon Go Plus+ Experience

[ Compatible with iPhone X and above model only ] Make your Pokémon Go Plus+ Stay connected all the time and Free your hands and experience a relaxed and easy Raid & GYM battle like never before.

Auto-Connection Mode

With the Brook Pocket iRecatcher, you can enhance your Pokémon Go Plus+ device for a seamless and enjoyable gaming experience. Say goodbye to intermittent disconnections . iReactcher ensures a stable connection between Auto catch device and Pocketmon Go,  Say goodbye to your disconnect anxiety.

Auto-Tap Mode

iRecatcher's auto-tap mode allows users to easily target every necessary tap point on the screen. iRecatcher assists users by provide auto speed taping at approximately 10 times per second, The ultimate tool for Raid & GYM battles

Support with most auto catching devices

iRecatcher not only supports the official Pokémon GO Plus+ but also is compatible with catching devices from other brands. iRecatcher uses image recognition technology to determine the connection status between the system and the auto catch device and employs the technology of remote mapping to simulate physical clicks, in order to achieving automatic reconnection functionality. iRecatcher is compatible with any catching device that supports automatic reconnection in case of disconnection


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