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The ultimate tool for distraction-free writing.

The ultimate tool for distraction-free writing.

Experience the seamless blend of nostalgic charm and modern functionality with the BYOK, designed to facilitate distraction-free writing through Bluetooth keyboard input, syncing over WiFi, and an array of efficient features that maximize focus and productivity.

Bring Your Own Keyboard

The keyboard is a personal choice for writers. With BYOK, users have the freedom to use their preferred Bluetooth or USB-C keyboard, ensuring a comfortable and personalized writing experience without restrictions. Hence the name BYOK (Bring Your Own Keyboard).

Made for Writers

The perfect companion for writers. BYOK is designed to optimize your writing process and maximize your creativity.

Improve Word Count

Boost your word count 2-3x with BYOK's distraction-free environment, enabling focused and productive writing without interruptions.

Enhanced Creativity

The minimalist environment sparks creativity by providing a focused space for writers to explore ideas and craft narratives seamlessly.

Better Ergonomics

BYOK's ergonomic design provides versatile positioning options, catering to traditional setups or even standing positions for optimal comfort and posture.

A Display Made for Writers

On the front, you'll find a lightning-fast monochrome LCD display with no input lag. It offers enhanced readability and reduced eye strain for a wonderfully comfortable writing environment.


With its compact size, just a bit bigger than a smartphone, BYOK is perfect for on-the-go writing. Whether you're at a café, on a train, or in a park, your creativity can flow anytime, anywhere.

Crafted with Ergonomics in Mind

Three ideally-placed push-buttons allow the user to navigate BYOK's interface effectively while the three kickstands allow the device to rest in the upright position or the almost-flat position to accommodate all viewing angles.

Write in the light...or dark.

BYOK's backlight feature is designed for all environments, ensuring comfortable writing even in low-light conditions or when you prefer to write in the dark.

Long Lasting Battery

Days of battery life without charging interruptions.

Ideal Writing Display

Lightning-fast and highly readable monochrome LCD display.

Bluetooth Input

Support for your favorite Bluetooth keyboards.

WiFi Syncing

Sync your documents over Wifi to put your mind at ease.

Additional Specs

  • 16MB internal storage (over 1 million words!)
  • USB-C for data transfer and wired keyboards
  • Multiple font sizes
  • Two viewing positions

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