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Campster 2: The Ultimate Portable Chair

Campster 2: The Ultimate Portable Chair

The Campster 2 is the next generation of portable chairs. 1-piece future-proof design. It is light, comfortable, and extremely fast to unfold. Works at home, in the wild, at the soccer field, camping, tailgating at the beach ... Sign up for the 49$ Launch offer - only for 3 hrs.

How to set up your Campster 2

1. Pull the velcro strap to open the chair.2. Unfold the legs and support rods.3. Flip the telescopic seat rods downwards.4. Pull each seat rod until it locks into place.5. Your chair is now ready to use!

Fast and easy to set up

Campster 2 is the perfect chair for active people who enjoy outdoor activities, spectator sports, RV camping, and social activities such as picnics and tailgating. It takes only 5 seconds to set up and provides a comfortable and proper seating height.

Lightweight and Compact

The 1-piece foldable design is lightweight and embraces portable comfortability. With a seating height no bigger than a large cokebottle, this bugger is handy and provides a proper seating height.

Campster 2 - Awesome everywhere chair

Campster 2 is the perfect chair for any outdoor activity. It's 1-piece design makes it lightweight and easy to carry, and it unfolds in just 5 seconds. With a weight capacity of 300lbs, Campster 2 is perfect for any adventure!

1-Piece Design

Campster 2's 1-piece design makes it lightweight and easy to carry

Unfolds in 5 Seconds

Campster 2 is easy to set up and take down, so you can spend more time enjoying the outdoors!

300lbs Weight Capacity

Campster 2 can hold up to 300 lbs, so it's perfect for any adventure! Chair weight 3.25lbs

Pat. Pend Design

Champster 2's pat. pend design is unique and perfect for any outdoor activity!



Some of our favorite features

The best seat is the one that is with you all the time. We paid extreme attention to design details, functions, and comfort so you can have a seat that looks and feel great for generations.

Embracing seat

Sink into an embracing seating experience anywhere you can think of, from the beaches in Bali to the forests of Sweden.


Super practical when folded, the seat wraps around the frame and fits snuggly into the free carry bag that hooks easily onto your backpack.

Minimalistic design

Slim but strong frame and airflow mesh seat. This chair stands out with its large seat, high seating height, but small folded footprint.

Quality Materials

Aircraft grade, powder coated aluminium, Oxford 600D non-stretch Fabric, assembled with steel Torq 6 screws

Seatwarmers for any weather

Sitting outside you better be prepared for weather changes. That is why we made these super nice seat covers that will keep you warm in low temperatures and windy situations. Our seat warmers fits with most existing seats in the category.

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