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CARBO: World’s Lightest Folding E-Bike - 13kg

CARBO: World’s Lightest Folding E-Bike - 13kg

Meet the folding e-bike that’s lightweight, portable, and actually convenient to take around. Experience the perfect blend of style, comfort, and lightweight performance — designed to make your commute more efficient and your adventures more enjoyable.

Ultra Light. Ultra Solid. Ultra Durable

Portability is about more than just the ability to fold. Weighing just 28 lbs (13 kg) thanks to its ultra-lightweight, yet extremely strong carbon fiber monocoque frame — you can effortlessly carry your CARBO up a flight of stairs, over obstacles, or into your trunk without breaking a sweat.

Ultra Light. Ultra Solid. Ultra Durable

Folds in Under 10 Seconds

In just a few seconds, you can fold the e-bike down to a compact size for easy transportation and storage. Its powerful magnetic lock ensures the e-bike remains securely folded and is as convenient to carry as a briefcase.

Modular Design

Servicing your e-bike has never been so effortless. Need to replace a part? Done. Each CARBO part, including parts of the frame, can be separately detached, replaced, and upgraded. Easy for you, and time-saving for your mechanic. So you’re back on the road in no-time.

Rides Just like a Regular Bike

Strategically Hidden Battery

CARBO’s battery is smoothly hidden away in the seat post — creating a weight distribution that provides all of the benefits of electric assistance, while preserving the comfort and feel of a traditional bike. Plus, it includes a USB port to keep your smart devices charged up while on the go.

Schwalbe Big Apple Cloud-Like Comfort

Ride over rough terrain in total comfort. CARBO features Schwalbe’s Big Apple (Ballloonbike) tires that double as a natural suspension and reduce spinal vibrations by an impressive 25% — for a ride that feels as gentle as floating on a cloud.

Enhanced Wheel Security

No more loosening skewers. No more constant need to tighten up. Reliable from the get-go, CARBO comes with robust thru axle wheel locks that keep your wheel secured in place and enhance braking stability during your rides. Efficient, Safe, Secure.

Uphill Without Breaking a Sweat

Experience unparalleled control and responsiveness with the built-in dual-sensor technology. It adjusts intuitively to your every move, precisely blending torque and speed so that every change in terrain feels like no change at all. As if you’re always riding on a comfortable flat road.

Belt Drive System

CARBO Model X is equipped with a convenient and low-maintenance belt drive. Unlike traditional chains it’s hassle-free, providing a smoother, quieter, and virtually maintenance-free ride.


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