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CEBA Rapi: World's Fastest Charging Power Bank

CEBA Rapi: World's Fastest Charging Power Bank

Charge smarter, faster, and more efficiently with CEBA Rapi — the one-of-a-kind power bank that charges itself from 0-100 in just 12 minutes. So you’ll never leave the house without power again.

Ready Before You Are

You're about to head out, ready to seize the day, when you realize that both your phone and your power bank are running dangerously low on charge. You could plug them in, but traditional chargers take forever and you simply don't have that kind of time. 


The Future of Fast Charging

Get firsthand experience of the groundbreaking technology that is about to shape the future of charging. CEBA Rapi boasts in-house developed ultra-fast charging technology, utilizing upgraded cells to deliver lightning-fast charging speeds all while maintaining the highest standards of safety.


Unmatched Charging Technology

In an impressive 12 minutes, CEBA Rapi is fully charged (or 80% in a swift 8) – a showcase of the power bank's prowess, not your gadget's. To clarify: phones such as the iPhone 14 or Galaxy S23 operate at their fixed rates of 22.5W and 25W, no matter the input. However, thanks to Rapi's efficient outputs (USB-C 30W, USB-A 22.5W), devices receive energy at their peak capabilities. For optimal results with Rapi, pair a 100W charger and a Type C cable that genuinely supports 100W charging. 


From the iPhone 14 to the Samsung Galaxy S23, and from your tablet to your iPad— CEBA Rapi can juice up a wide range of devices at their maximum rated input, providing fast and efficient emergency power whenever and wherever you need.

What’s the Charge?

Forget about those vague dot or bar-type battery indicators. CEBA Rapi shows you its battery percentage in exact numbers on its charge indicator screen — so you'll always know exactly how much juice your power bank has left.


Exceptional Safety

Speed is important, but safety is paramount. CEBA Rapi is equipped with an upgraded safety protocol, including overload protection, short circuit protection, temperature management, and overvoltage protection. So you can enjoy a powerful performance with peace of mind.


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