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ChronoROBOT: Mountain Biking Timing Made Easy

ChronoROBOT: Mountain Biking Timing Made Easy

It's a new era for sports timing! With ChronoROBOT, you'll revolutionize your timing system for mountain bike racing.

Key Benefits

Key Benefits


Key Benefits


Key Benefits

Stores Data

Key Benefits

No Distance Limitation

Real Time Tracker

Time for a new record? That's easy. With ChronoROBOT, you can focus on beating your record immediately—without an overly complicated set-up process. The innovative timing system tracks your time and sends it straight to your phone.

Precise Data. Precise Performance

Precision and accuracy are essential when it comes to racing. When you know precisely how fast you run each lap, you can identify where you need to improve. The ChronoROBOT is accurate to 1/100th of a second, so you'll know exactly how fast you completed your laps.

Easy to Use

Long distances? No problem

No distance is going to stop you from testing the two sensors that work independently from each other, and you don’t have time to waste on complex multi-sensor configurations. Just connect, and go! The connection between the sensors and your smartphone/watch is Bluetooth broadcasting, not pairing. So even if the sensors are placed far from each other, it will not affect its connection with your smartphone/watch.

All Your Data in One Place

With ChronoROBOT, you can track and upload your records straight to the cloud. You'll be able to analyze your progress anywhere and export them in one click when you want to see how much you've improved over time.

What’s In The Package?

  • ChronoROBOT Mechanical Sensor Device
  • ChronoROBOT Photoelectric Sensor Device
  • Pole for Mounting Mechanical Sensor Device
  • Tripod for Photoelectric Sensor Device Placement


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