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Eye of Horus: Power of Design and Myth in a Watch

Eye of Horus: Power of Design and Myth in a Watch

Experience the power of time with the Eye of Horus watch from CIGA Design X Series. The transparent skeleton design allows you to see through the mystic layers of time, while the automatic mechanical movement guarantees precision and reliability.

Your Intricacies in Your Watch

Your Eye of Horus watch is a mechanical marvel, with intricate automatic movements that are visible through its skeleton design. Automatic mechanical watches have always been a symbol of longevity and perpetual motion. Wind your watch yourself and then let your everyday movements power its complex performance, and even if you decide to take it easy, your watch has 40 hours of reserve power to keep the time. 

Time For Every One of Your Lifestyles

Your Eye of Horus watch has been specially designed so that you can wear it to work, skating down the beach or to a bar! With its intricately designed transparent skeleton mechanics, showcasing a certain debonair swagger while at the same time sporting a silicone strap that's easy on your skin and wrist. With your Eye of Horus you get the class you want with the comfort you need. 

Timepiece or Conversation Piece?

The phosphorus glow illuminates in mystic green bringing the Eye of Horus to life in a new light. Your watch takes on a different persona at night as it glows through its own shadows to bring you a timepiece worth talking about. Each glance at your wrist doesn't just tell the time; it tells a story. The story of a watch that combines design and functionality in a way that's never been seen before.

Gaze into the Eye

1 x CIGA Design X Series Eye of Horus Watch

1 x Silicone Strap


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