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CLOMP: Enhance Your Workout Based on Precise Data

CLOMP: Enhance Your Workout Based on Precise Data

Don’t just track how far you run…learn how much oxygen your muscles get, see how many calories you burn, and get coached on how you can improve! Whether you’re training for the 100 yard dash or your next marathon, CLOMP collects, analyzes and interprets data and recommends tailored workouts to you.

What's CLOMP All About?

Professional runners rely on special data to boost their training and races. One vital piece of data is muscle oxygen level - the key to elite running performance.


With CLOMP, you can measure your muscle oxygen saturation (SmO2) and perform lactate threshold (the point when you get tired) tests easily anytime, anywhere. 


Step up your game like the pros with CLOMP.

Don't Run Blind, Run With CLOMP

CLOMP uses medical-grade SmO2 oxygen sensors to calculate and analyze exactly how you’re using your muscles.


It will see if you are exercising at optimal capacity or if a lot of your effort is going to waste. This way, you can obtain precise muscle data to make your training more data-driven


It will then interpret this data and customize specific workouts to meet your exercise goals.

New Age Technology for Your Improved Workout

Harnessing the power of the latest fNIRS (functional near-infrared spectroscopy) technology -  used in medicine to monitor brain activity, oxygenation, and blood flow. 


With CLOMP, not only do you get access to incredibly accurate muscle oxygen saturation readings, but you also get to monitor these metrics in real-time.

Personalized Workout Based on Data

Your CLOMP won’t just give you a standard workout that may or may not work for you. With the analyzed data it collects specific to you, CLOMP integrates it according to the 16 various workout plans. For example, if you select a workout plan for marathon running, the CLOMP will apply your analytics and generate a workout specific to your data, same with sprint running and weight loss regiments.

How it works?

Wear CLOMP on your thigh using the band or patch. Start your workout.


Perform a lactate threshold test. Get real-time and easy-to-understand data on your muscle oxygen level to see how well your muscles are performing.


Get workouts tailored just for you based on your data and reach your peak performance goals.

Unlock Smart Fat Burn Tracking

CLOMP's revolutionary Fat Burn Ratio is a groundbreaking metric derived from advanced metabolic testing that tracks real-time changes in muscle oxygen saturation (SmO2) and correlates it with O2 intake and CO2 outtake. The result is a precise ratio of fat calories burned during each run. Get lab-quality, personalized insights right on your wrist for smarter training and maximize fat burn. This is the future of wearable oxygen tracking.


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