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Track and Improve Your Dog's Health, For Life!

Track and Improve Your Dog's Health, For Life!

We're making Health Tech Fur Our Friends! Our Flagship product is the PerfectTemp Dog Bed which reveals vitals such as heart rate, breathing and REM sleep. This bed improve sleep & wellness through body temp regulation and insights and health recommendations to owners.


Health Tech Fur Our Friends

We're launching FurTech to push the boundaries of innovation to better support our furry friends. Our goal is to enhance the quality of life of our friends through the use of data, technology, and natural products that improve wellness, nutrition, recovery, and longevity so your dog can live longer, happier, more comfortable lives. 

Seeing Is Believing!

Our vibration-based sleep tracking system monitors REM Sleep, heart rate, breathing rate, interruptions to sleep from discomfort and repositioning - so you'll be able to visually see that you are helping your dog stay more relaxed, comfortable, and getting as much rest as possible each night!

Tracking these core health metrics can help identify, and prevent disease and other issues as your beloved companion begins to age. 


Smarter Tech = Happier Pets!

Using smart-technology AI we pair your sleep tracking pad to your temperature regulation system so your dog can rest all night long at just the right temperature!

Say goodbye to bad health and bad behaviors when you say goodbye to sleepless nights! With this bed, both you and your furry friend can wake up refreshed and ready to take on the day, every day!

Finally, A Visible Way to Show Your Commitment

The PerfectTemp Dog Bed shows your unwavering commitment to the well-being of your beloved pets. This advanced technology dog bed is a revolutionary health monitoring system that tracks your dog's sleep, heart rate, and breathing, providing you with invaluable insights into their wellness throughout their entire life.


With its unique temperature-regulating technology, the PerfectTemp Dog Bed ensures your dog enjoys a comfortable, uninterrupted sleep, enhancing their overall health and happiness. 

Efficiency Competitors Can't Match

Cooling gel pads like this one, and other air-based systems aren't near as effective or efficient as the cooling effects Osmosis provides! 

Water absorbs body heat and cools down body temperature 27x more efficiently than using air! 


As water pulls heat from your dog's body, it gets filtered through the refrigeration unit, allowing for a constant temperature regulation of your dog's body all night long!

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