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CTPOD One: Electric 3 Wheel Pod for Urban Mobility

CTPOD One: Electric 3 Wheel Pod for Urban Mobility

CTPOD One, the innovative electric trike pod, features swappable 1.7kW batteries, a robust aluminum frame, and diverse color options. Its compact dimensions ensure easy navigation, while including ABS+PS enclosure and PC or Acrylic windows enhances durability and visibility. 

Speak, Hear, See, and Ride with Confidence

Navigate effortlessly through bustling city streets using CTPOD One's advanced voice and visual guidance system. The built-in voice-activated prompts and four external cameras empower you to focus fully on your driving, ensuring a stress-free navigation experience even in the most congested urban environments. The CTPOD One further simplifies your driving with a one-handed joystick control, allowing for smooth operation.

Never Stop Moving, Whatever the Weather

Designed to withstand the elements, CTPOD One three-wheel pod boasts all-weather adaptability. This vehicle is equipped with weather-resistant materials and a climate control system that ensures comfort no matter the conditions outside. CTPOD One provides a dependable and comfortable ride from scorching heat, freezing temperatures to torrential rains. With fog-resistant windows and efficient heating and cooling, it redefines mobility in any weather, providing year-round reliability.

Swap Batteries Quickly, Keep Moving

Experience uninterrupted travel for up to 120 km range with CTPOD One's exchangeable battery system. This feature allows for quick battery swaps, eliminating long charging waits. Each 1.7kW swappable battery is designed for effortless exchange in under a minute at designated stations, via delivery, or via a portable power or home station. This system not only ensures constant readiness but also extends the vehicle's range, making longer trips feasible and convenient.

Start Your Ride Without A License. Today!

CTPOD One is the first urban pod that eliminates needing a driver's license or specialized training. This intuitive electric three-wheeler is designed for simplicity and safety, featuring controls that are straightforward to master. Its low-speed capabilities and sturdy design make it accessible to users of all ages, ensuring a wide demographic can enjoy the benefits of independent urban mobility without the legal and logistical hurdles associated with traditional vehicles.

Park Anywhere, Fit Everywhere

In a world where urban spaces are increasingly cramped, CTPOD One shines with its compact and efficient design. Tailored for the hustle and bustle of city life, its small footprint allows for easy maneuvering through tight spaces and effortless parking, even in the most crowded areas. This design philosophy not only makes city navigation a breeze but also caters to the growing need for efficient space utilization in urban environments.


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