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Cupid: Wireless Audio in True High Definition

Cupid: Wireless Audio in True High Definition

Cutting Edge Hybrid Noise-Cancelling | Industry-Leading Battery Life | Hyper Sync™ Technology

Amazing Sound — Now Portable

Wireless earphones have never sounded this good. Cupid uses ceramic antennas and auto noise reduction technology to deliver the greatest listening experience.

Amazing Sound — Now Portable

Ready When You Are

The moment you open your Cupid case, your wireless earphones immediately connect to your phone or most-recently paired device via Hyper Sync™ technology. And forget about taking your phone out or tapping to pause and play your music — Cupid intuitively detects when you’re listening and resumes automatically!

Complete Control

Need to hear what’s going on around you? With a simple touch you can enter transparent mode and be more aware of your surroundings. Cupid comes equipped with full touch control convenience, so you can answer calls, skip songs, and even activate your Siri or Google Voice Assist all with a finger.

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