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Dew Plants: Best Low-Maintenance Plants

Dew Plants: Best Low-Maintenance Plants

Enjoy a greener home with Dew Plant’s effortless care plant collection. Dew Plants are water-rooted & soilless, and need watering only once a month. They’re grown in natural, mineral rich German baked clay, housed in handcrafted glass and ceramic stacking pots and include personalized care guides.

Hardy Plants that Beat Root Rot

Choose Dew Plants for resilient, long-lasting greenery. 

Dew Plants are tough on root rot, ensuring they stay healthy and vibrant. You won't have to worry about over watering—just easy, efficient hydration for thriving indoor greenery. They adapt well to different conditions, bringing lasting beauty to every room in your home.

Soilless Natural Clay Magic

Experience the advantages of clay, a natural alternative to soil. 

Dew Plants are grown in mineral-rich German baked clay, which has enhanced water absorption and rich oxygenation, fostering healthier roots and minimizing the risk of root rot. With bug and bacteria-free properties, this mess-less clay won't degrade or leave a mess. Enjoy a clean and hassle-free plant care experience without the need for messy repotting.

Tailored Care Instructions for Thriving Plants

Unlock the secrets to your plant's success with a personalized care guide included with every Dew Plant. 

Unlike soil plants, Dew Plants enable precise control over watering, oxygenation, and nutrients. Our online quiz generates a tailored care guide, providing advice on watering schedules and light preferences for your plant's well-being. 

Experience the joy of watching your plant thrive with expert guidance. Plus, enjoy a print out version of the guide for easy reference with your purchase.

Elegance Redefined: Stunningly Unique Pots

Elevate your plants to become a living art piece. Each plant is potted in a unique, patent-pending planter that combines elegance with functionality: The planter is a combination of shatter resistant borosilicate glass vase and a handcrafted ceramic pot that makes plant care easy. It will both capture attention and blend into contemporary interior design aesthetics.

Master Moisture With A Discreet Water Gauge

Take the guesswork out of watering your plants. Each pot has a built-in minimalist water meter so you can  easily monitor water levels and know precisely how much to re-water, ensuring your plants receive the optimal hydration they need.


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