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Drink Buddy

Drink Buddy

Track Your Water Supply with the Smart Hydration Pack

Fill Up Your Drink Buddy

Fill the reservoir with water. Power on the Smart Hydration Reservoir. Track your water level on the mobile app or Water Level Monitor.

Take Back Control of Hydration

Never have to guess how much water you have left to make last. Drink Buddy is a smart hydration pack that uses its own sensor technology to track how much water remains and displays it on your smartphone or special Drink Buddy water level monitor.

Know When Water is Running Low

The optional alert system warns you when you only have 20% left, so you know to pace yourself and prepare to refill your Drink Buddy Reservoir.

Water Tracker

  • Dimensions: 53x43 mm (2”x 1.5”x 07”)
  • Battery Life: 100 days
  • Screen: LCD Display and Backlight

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